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Another Step Closer...

Father Rother’s cause will begin the review process in the spring of 2015!

Archbishop Coakley presented the Positio of Servant of God Father Stanley Rother September 3, 2014. In is column Put Out Into The Deep he explains what happened in the meeting and the next steps. Read the column here. 

Father Stanley Rother Guild: What is it and why do we need one?

By Cara Koenig

Like other such guilds around the world, the Father Stanley Rother Guild formed to advance the cause for sainthood of an exceptionally holy person – in this case, Father Rother.

“The guild is a necessary component of the canonization process,” said Father M. Price Oswalt, the director of the Father Stanley Rother Guild. “It helps unite the people of God behind the candidate.  Some guilds begin well before the cause is ever opened.  Take, for example, Servant of God Father Emil Kapaun from Wichita. His guild was started after the Korean War ended. However, the Diocese of Wichita and the Archdiocese for Military Services did not officially open his cause until 2007.”

 The purpose of the Rother Guild is three-fold: (1) to pray, (2) to tell Father Rother’s story and (3) to financially support Father Rother’s cause for sainthood.